Phosphate Removers in Pools

Phosphate is a natural element of nearly all bathers waste in the pool. Rainwater also contains phosphate. Leaves from the trees and soil that may come across the swimming pool contain phosphates. That being said, high phosphate levels can easily build up. The article Phosphate in Pools explained that phosphate in the pool is not toxic. It may be alarming to hear that it is a portion of delicious food for algae because phosphate is a portion of plant food and that algae are plants. it is still not necessary to remove phosphates. They say removing phosphates can solve the problem. Let us take a look at the effects of a phosphate remover first. 

Lanthanum is one of the utmost well known active ingredients that work on phosphate removers. It is also classified as one of the limited soft metal-earth element. Moderately toxic is one of the classifications of Lanthanum. Since we have been talking about how phosphate is not a threat to swimming pools and is indeed a great food source for algae, most important is that phosphates are not toxic. However, phosphate remover is a different story. They said that it will require more study to completely determine the level of toxicity of Lanthanum to living things such as animals and as well as to humans. Based on these initial findings regarding lanthanum, would you still consider pouring phosphate removers into your pool?

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