Phosphates in Pools

A chemical combination that is consist of phosphorus is called phosphate. This is typically non-metal element and naturally exist. Most people believed that phosphate is the best food for algae. Approximately one pound of phosphate can actually produce 700 pounds of algae. Some pool chemical merchant will advise you that the only way to fully get rid of algae and to totally control any growth and development of algae is by eliminating phosphate in the pool. Why? Because phosphates are algae's nutrient producer. A high amount of phosphate in the pool water, its like more appetizing food for algae to use up. Imagine that? But regardless, no need to worry, phosphates are not a problem in pool water. They don't have to be removed. You should not aim attention on phosphates in the pool and or even spending more money to have it removed.

Phosphates are not damaging or toxic. Allocating effort and time to get rid of them as a solution to the development and evolution of algae is inefficient. The best way to keep up with healthy and clean pool water as well as to avoid algae build up in the pool is to have appropriate chlorine level, frequently use of algaecide and to shock the pool every now and then to have efficient sanitation of pool water.

Phosphates, just like any other chemicals, it is consist of oxygen and at times hydrogen. Therefore, if you are a very diligent and meticulous swimming pool owner, we are certain that you are already using some type of sanitizer in your pool and definitely chlorine too. This could only mean that you are already executing and making your pool water inhabitable and unwelcoming algae.

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