Pink Algae In Pools

As observed and seen, most pool caretakers are facing countless problems in maintaining a swimming pool. Pink algae frequently come into sight if there is inadequate sanitation in the swimming pool water. Pink algae is not literally an algae. As a matter of fact, it is a slimy, gross and nasty looking bacteria that has a pink coating. This is similar to the stain all over the toilet, like an orange stain that is usually seen on the sink and bathtubs water line. In the swimming pool area, pink algae can be found usually on the pool ladders, pool edges and even in filters and jets. This is one of the bothersome types of algae that can be developed in the swimming pools. Although these pink algae do not react much on algaecides and other solutions for algae, it is still removable.

In eliminating algae, there are some few steps that need to consider. Start running the pool filter while brushing off all the stains surrounding the pool area. The filter will help in lifting the small pieces of algae out of the pool water. Use a higher quantity of chlorine to start shock treatment in the pool. Take note, a higher quantity of chlorine meaning, higher than the normal amount of chlorine that you use during normal shock treatment. The reason why is because pink algae can withstand and turn down chemicals. You might also want to add sodium bromide into the pool water or anti-pink algae formulas. Anti-pink algae formulas are specially made to kill bacteria on pink algae. Remember to balance the chemicals in the pool. Always check and maintain them at the applicable level. 

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