Planning a Pool Party

The end of the warm season of the year can make any happy kid sad and anxious about going back to school. As soon as the Labor Day approaches, although we do not want to think about it, the summer season is almost coming to an end. Some of the pool owners are planning their swimming pool closing for the season. Instead of getting in despair, why not let us plan for a Labor Day pool party. Might it be a birthday party or even just a simple weekend pool party with family and friends? Spending an enjoyable time with loved once is always the best time.

Let us make the best and safest Labor Day party. Here are some of the tips to make it possible. The first thing to do is to determine the type of party you wanted to have. In that way, you can focus on planning the decorations and foods that fit well with the occasion and guests. Remember to have adequate adults around to look after the kids if ever you are planning to have a children's pool party. This is to make sure that you have enough manpower to man the kids and keep them safe at all times when they are in the pool water. As a party host, do not hesitate to share and implement your swimming pool rules for all the guests. Might it be by simply taking a shower before hopping into the water or the usual no diving and no running policy. Tell the adults that are coming to the party that they will all take turns in looking after the children. And when they do, they must always be attentive. Since you are in charge of the party, you can decide if you will limit the amount of alcohol during the party or an absolutely alcohol-free party. You can tell the adults upfront so that they would know what to expect. On the other hand, you can also opt to serve alcohol when the sun goes down and the kids are done swimming.  Have enough space for those who will be drinking and for those who will not and especially for those who will be watching the kids by the pool. Safety is of maximum concern especially if you are hosting the party. You must do everything possible to guarantee the safety of everyone.

Enjoy swimming!                                                     

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