Pollen in Swimming Pool

Pollen is a dust-like, yellowish hue floating in the water. This is another issue that most pool owners must take into consideration taking steps to get rid of pollen in the pool. Pollen problem usually occurs during spring and summer seasons. The good thing is that pollen can easily be removed, unlike algae. 

Before anything else and proceeding with the cleaning process, you must know what you are dealing with. You need to determine first and make sure that you are dealing with pollen, not algae. Why? Because mustard algae look like pollen too. They are both yellowish in texture but the difference will be on where it collects. Pollen actually floats on top of the swimming pool water. While mustard algae, as we all know, will eventually gather in one corner and stick to the sidewalls of the pool or at the bottom.

More pollen means more work to do for all pool owners. Because pollen is a natural substance, and if left unattended, it will develop algae build up. Not only that, because it will also make the swimming pool look dirty and it will cause clogged filters. High chlorine demand is also one of the problems that will arise once you let pollen in the pool. The pool water will also turn into yellowish to green water. Plus it will leave a stain on the pool waterline as well as on the tiles. 

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