Why pool cage is important? – (feature and benefit)

Why pool cage is important? It means security and safety! This is very common in Florida due to pool safety requirements. The cage provides protection against any foreign material, bugs, and harsh sunlight to directly hit your pool. Pool owners most of the time are hesitant to add this in their pool construction. Here are some of the benefits to help you on your decision:

Security – it gives you the best protection against dirt, insects, dust, debris and other animals like birds. For open backyards, this will also help you keep out rodents or unwanted guest off your pool.

Less Maintenance – since the pool is protected from any debris or any foreign material, you get to avoid getting anything clogged in its drainage system which is mostly caused by leaves or the like. Your pool is cleaner and more inviting to look at.

Swim More Clean less – combination of pool heater and pool cage will definitely make you dive into your pool even during cold days. This enclosure helps you protect your pool from rain and snow.

Sunlight Protection –  we all love the sun to keep our skin tan, but of course over exposure is still not healthy. Screened pool enclosures will help you enjoy swimming without worrying about harsh UV rays.

Defense against strong winds –  these cages are not easy to get damaged. A certain cage can hold up to 130 – 150 miles per hour of wind speed.

We always want what is best for our customers.  Aqua Doc Pool Clinic can help you with these cages. Fill in the form in this link and we’ll start from there.

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