Pool Clarifier

Having a crystal clear pool water is not an easy job. There are a lot of things to consider. The swimming pool filter is the perfect tool for clearing up a swimming pool. 

Pool clarifier is picking up small particles that cause cloudiness in the pool water. It is a big help for pool filters and a good combination as well to achieve a crystal clear pool water. This process is called coagulation. Clarifiers are taking small particles and bring them together to make it to bigger particles. Therefore, it would be much easier and a better possibility for the filter to catch them. This combination makes the filter work more efficient in clearing the pool water.

If you seem to have cloudy water and decided to use a clarifier, you will be needing to run your filter. For best result, you need to run the pool filter for 24 hrs until the pool water is clear. To have the clarifier and the pool filter work more efficient, you need to turn your main drain on first. If you have one! This will help the bottom pool water to get into the filter. But if in case you do not have a bottom main drain, you can also use a manual pool vacuum. Just get it to work and leave it upside down. This basically works the same as the main drain. Simple isn't it?

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