Pool Contractor Licenses

Aside from the list of qualifications and requirements in order to acquire swimming pool service licenses and certifications,  a builder can also possess a state license as a certified pool contractor or a local license as a registered pool contractor license. 

A CPC or Certified Pool Contractor license is a state license that can be obtained and completed at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or DBPR. This license allows the company to work in several counties. 

CPC license has three levels:
1. Class A - CPC Commercial
2. Class B - CPC Residential
3. Class C - CPC Service

RP or Registered Pool Contractor license. This type of license grants the company to work in Sarasota County only. That is why it is called a local license. It can be obtained and completed at the county licensing board. 

RP license has three levels:
1. Class A - RP Commercial
2. Class B - RP Residential
3. Class C - RP Service

As you can see, our pool contractors like AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC had gone through completing all the necessary requirements and completed proper qualifications in order to help and ensure pool owners of their utmost service possible.


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