Pool Filters

Based on our previous article about What Pool Filters Do? Our aim is to educate everyone about how it works. Why? it is because we want you to know all the details so that you can choose what is best for your needs and your pool.

Types of Pool Filters:

SAND FILTER is the simplest procedure in filtering a swimming pool. It also accommodates large size swimming pools. This draws out dirt, debris, and small particles out of your pool using special sand. This sand has this small uneven edges. It is like a lot of tiny hooks that captures and traps the dirt and debris from the pool water as it flows. Once the pressure gauge goes up, it is a sign that alerts owners or pool caretakers that it is time to backwash. Backwashing is by reversing the water flow of the sand filter as it flushes all the dirt out to waste. The sand filter is easy to use and requires a very small amount of maintenance. Especially if you are in a budget, this filter is the cheapest and it usually lasts 5-8 years depending on how often you use the pool.

CARTRIDGE FILTER can double the amount of dirt and debris that can capture out from the water pool through filtration. This filter is more expensive than the sand filter. However, this filter will NOT require you to backwash your pool. It has a larger space area that filters the water pool than the sand filter. It is energy saving and effective because it only allows the pump to run at a lower pressure giving more water flow and turnover other than the sand filter. Cartridge filter should be cleaned on a regular basis depending on how often you use your pool. Probably 1-2 times per year and it only lasts 2-3 years. This will require you to use a filter cleaner. You will just simply remove the cartridge then spray some cleaning solution either a filter solution or a diluted muriatic acid. 

D.E. FILTERS (Diatomaceous Earth) captures the smallest particles from the pool water as it passes through filtration. However, this is also the most expensive type of filter. It works just like the sand filter that will require you to backwash your pool water once the water pressure arises. This type of filter has a white powder that is made from smashed fossils of tiny aquatic organisms. They are called DIATOMS.

Now what we do here is to allow you to decide which type of pool filter you wanted to use. When it comes to installation and maintenance, allow us to do the job for you. Call AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC right away! We will help you out with FREE ESTIMATE for all your pool needs. For your inquiries, just click this link and fill out the needed information. We will be sure we get in touch with you the soonest!

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