Pool Heat Pumps

Don’t let the weather or season’s change control you and your families swimming pool enjoyment again. You may have a  full line of heating solutions and experience the luxury of total comfort by using Pool Heat pumps. You may choose various heating solutions for your pool.

Having the option to choose the perfect temperature all year round, heat pumps provide you the ultimate in swimming comfort. The market nowadays had a range of smart, affordable, energy efficient hot water solutions that will provide your home or business with low cost, fast, reliable heat pumps. It’s not possible for us to completely control the weather over. However,  complete control over your hot water does.  Day or night, rain or shine, and all year round having a pool heater will not stop you from dipping. Either residential or commercial pools.  Pool heat pumps are an energy efficient way of being able to enjoy your pool all year around.

Heat pumps use electricity to capture heat and move it from one place to another. … As the pool pump circulates the swimming pool’s water, the water drawn from the pool passes through a filter and the heat pump heater. The heat pump heater has a fan that draws in the outside air and directs it over the evaporator coil.

Pool Heat Pumps can last for more than a decade with proper installation and maintenance. It’s best to have asked a qualified pool professional like AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC install the heater for you, especially the electric hookup, and perform complicated maintenance or repair tasks.

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