Pool Pump Gasket and Seals

It is always best to be familiar with every part of your pool pump. We have featured What is a pool pump? on our previous article that contains its three major components.

The gaskets and seals play a major role in your swimming pool pump. They are responsible for keeping your water moving and equipment pad dry. Any failure in your set of the gasket may cause leak and flood in your equipment area. Your pump will be filled with air instead of water.

The pool pump has three main gaskets and a seal:

HOUSING GASKET is the largest gasket found inside your pool pump. It is located in the seam between the motor seal plate and the main housing. This is also known as the seal plate gasket.

DIFFUSER GASKET is located on the very tip of the pool pump diffuser.

LID GASKET can be found on the strainer lid.

SHAFT SEAL plays the most important role in every seal. It intercepts the water from flowing into the motor that may cause fatal damage to your pool pump. It is a two-sided seal that is located on the shaft of the motor below the impeller.

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