Pool Pump Motor Size

The pool water needs to run through a detailed piping system and filter to stay pure and clean. If some portion of the system is surpassing the other, then pressure is necessary to move up the water. Pumps control the capability of the motor to run-over resistance and gravity in the swimming pool system, making it a crystal clear water. 

The previous article about Pool Pump Total Horsepower helps you better understand the effective and maximum ability of the pump motor to operate and to avoid motor overload. There are the things that need to consider regarding the risk to pool pump motor and to avoid damages to maximize its life span.

The size of the pump affects the motor to operate. It is always a great way to run the pump at its minimum speed rate. This is the suggested flow rate to run the pool's water for 8 hrs or longer, depending on the size of the pool to have proper circulation of water into the swimming pool. If the pump is too big for the pool, a huge amount of water will have an impact through a filter that is too narrow. This would cause pressure and struggle that may result in the pump to incur damages and might need to be replaced.

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