Pool Pump Total Horsepower

The swimming pool pump motor is known to be the heart of the pool system. It is responsible for pulling the pool water in a circular motion. Properly maintained swimming pool motor pump mostly lasts 8-10 years. On the contrary, poor and low maintenance may cause motor failure even after a year and mar reduce its life span. In this article, we will better understand some basic knowledge regarding swimming pool pump to help and better enhance the performance of the motor.

To know the important specifications about any swimming pool pump, you must check on every motors sticker affixed to it. This contains voltage, horsepower and service factor. The service factor is the ability of the pump motor to operate without damage and to avoid overload. The horsepower is the actual ability of the motor's power output. The pool pump motor's efficient total horsepower can be determined by multiplying the service factor and the horsepower together. This will help you better avoid motor overload.

Properly matched motors and pumps, will provide greater performance level. If you wanted to upgrade your pool motor from a single speed to dual speed pump, you must ensure that the new motor's total horsepower is greater than the total horsepower of the older pool motor.

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