Pool Safety

Being a responsible pool owner, there are a lot of things to consider for pool safety such as being with kids, elderly, or even pets. There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a dip in a cool pool. But there are plenty of potential hazards poolside, so be informed and alert in order to ensure the safety of your children, friends, and family.  These essential safety tips for swimming will help you learn more.

An adult should actively watch children at all times while they are in a pool. For infants and toddlers, an adult should be in the water and within arm’s reach, providing “touch supervision.”  For older children, an adult should be paying constant attention and free from distractions, like talking on the phone, socializing, tending household chores, or drinking alcohol. The supervising adult must know how to swim.

If you have a pool, you must insist on the following rules through your households and visitors:

*Always wash or shower before swimming.

*For children, tell them to keep any kind of toys away from the pool. Especially when not in use.

*NO running on the pool deck

*Don’t push anyone into the pool.

*Absolutely NO electrical wirings and appliances near your pool.

*If your pool is not deep enough, NO diving is allowed.

Tell your kids never to drink the water. Emphasize the importance of keeping their mouths closed even while splashing around.

Make sure that your pool water is clear, not cloudy.  Your pool should be well maintained to improve cleanliness. This can be done by constantly flushing water through the pool as well as by filtration and disinfection.

Knowing how to swim doesn’t mean you are drown-proof but it’s an important skill that helps keep you safe when you’re in the water.

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