Pool Sanitation Methods

Having a pool for yourself also provide you with an excellent space for gatherings. Everyone loves the view of water or swimming pool. It can make the atmosphere much more secure which will be perfect for family gatherings or small parties in your place.  Before the summer time comes in, to where it’s the season for swimming, you must know about pool sanitation methods. This type of method is the process of ensuring healthy conditions in swimming pools.  To prevent the transmission of infectious waterborne diseases and to maintain the visual clarity of the water, you must properly sanitize your pool. Pool sanitation methods include a water filter to remove pollutants, Swimmer hygiene to reduce contamination into pool water, disinfection to kill infectious microorganisms and regular pool water testing, including chlorine and pH balance.

Pool sanitizers are used to kill bacteria and suppress the growth of algae, viruses and other organic contaminants that enter your pool water by way of wind, dust, rain and even bathers/swimmers. The most common pool water sanitizing compound is chlorine. While the pool water is continuously pumped through a filter to trap particles, like leaves and bugs that fall in. Chemical like Chlorine is added to keep algae and dangerous bacteria from growing. Chlorine is also added to your drinking water to keep those bacteria out of your stomach.  It is surely a great way to clean your pool but please be reminded that it can ruin a swim experience sometimes. You have to ensure to not allow anyone to swim in your pool if you just put chemicals on it.  Remember, the chemical smell, skin irritation and burning eyes that can come from chlorine pool are enough to disappoint even the most committed of swimmers.  There are bromine, ionizers, and ozonation as other alternatives for chlorine. However, you still need some chlorine in these said chemicals. A fourth alternative is PHMB, which doesn’t require the use of chlorine.

Although we trust chlorine so much to disinfect out water from bacteria and viruses including amoebas and other microscopic germs that is not good for the health of the bathers/swimmers. Chlorine though cannot kill everything. It is always best to seek assistance to a knowledgeable company like AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC.  For your inquiries, just click this link and fill out the needed information. We will be sure we get in touch with you the soonest! 

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