Pool Supplies You Can't Swim Without

Are you thinking about installing a swimming pool? What about the pool equipment? Do you have anything in mind? Well, in this article, we will provide some basic swimming pool equipment that you should always have stored in your home. This is not a complete list of swimming pool equipment yet. But these are rather a list of the most basic must-have supplies. Having all of these stored in your home will make your pool ownership more pleasurable.

First on the list are the pool chemicals. These are the main components in maintaining clean and sparkling water in the pool. It is very essential because they are the factors that fight germs and bacteria in the pool that usually cause skin irritation as well as the eyes and possible damage to the pool. These pool chemicals are: Chlorine and its balancing agents and also include a Calcium and Alkaline balancing agents. Water Test Strips is also essential to know what pool chemicals are still working. They are very easy to use that would save you a lot of time taking a pool water sample into the nearest pool supply store to be tested for chemical levels you need. These test strips will immediately give you the levels of chlorine, total chlorine, and even free chlorine real quick. It also includes levels of total alkalinity, pH, and total hardness. In addition to these pool supplies, is a good automatic pool vacuum cleaner that goes a long way in keeping the pool away from dirt and debris. And since the season is changing all year round, pool safety covers will help you keep the pool, especially during the winter season. Remember to include the tools that you need in securing and storing pool cover along with a dry storage place away from pests and other insects that may damage the cover as time goes by. 

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