Preserving Water Means Saving More Energy

Conserving swimming pool water is also another means of saving energy. Swimming pool water treatment as well as pumping water, and then backwashing afterward that ends up in watering the plants is accountable for an estimated 40-60 percent of the energy bill of a city. Another means of conserving water is by the use of a swimming pool cover. This will lessen the amount of water that evaporates every day due to exposure to direct sunlight.

In this article, we will discuss some more ways to help lessen the consumption of swimming pool water. First, is that you can always ask the swimmers to refrain or make less splashing. This often applies for adult swimmers. Of  course, we cannot do this if all the swimmers are youngsters. Another workaround to save water is to make a pathway to re-route most of the splashed-out swimming pool water into the garden and lawn. Do not let the pool water overflow. You can lower the level of the pool water to avoid more amount of water that would put to waste. If the swimming pool is not in use, cover it and then plug the overflow line. And lastly, in cleaning the swimming pool surroundings like deck and patio, do not use a hose.

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