Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners

The Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners are designed with a swimming pool water coming in. It moves using a force from a booster pump. Booster pumps have a very high water pressure that is used to move dirt and debris. The power of water that set up the pressure gives this type of swimming pool cleaner its distinctive name. This cleaner has a hose that can be attached and removed from the return line of the swimming pool. The booster pump lines are designed to be more automatic. This has an option to turn on or even shut off by its own nature. Instead of using the swimming pool's filtration system just like the suction pool cleaner, pressure-side pool cleaners have their own fine mesh bag to where they accumulate dirt and debris.

Once the pool water enters the pressure side pool cleaner, it will be dispersed to its sweeper tail, thrust jet, and venturi. The thrust jet serves as the driver that maneuver and manage the device movements. The sweeper tail is used to brush off small debris off from the pool walls in order to have the dirt disseminate into the pool water and through the pool filter. While the venturi is a way in underneath the cleaner to where it captures larger dirt and debris like dried leaves. Although pressure-side cleaners are pricier than the suction side cleaners, and its a bit hard to set up and maintain, it cleans very well even though the swimming pool area. It also does not clog often plus it will surely last a very long time. 

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