Pros and Cons of an Off-Line Chlorinator

The off-line chlorinators have various advantages. For some of which for instance is the input line of the system is set up in such a way that the flow of water reaches the chlorinator first before stretches out to the filter. This way, it avoids all the issues with the water flow. In a more excellent manner, it ensures a greater dole out the supply of chlorine than with an in-line chlorinator. The off-line chlorinator is also known to be retrofitting and the perfect model for all existing swimming pool systems. This is due to its type of installation. Since it is not permanent, it has the ability to retrofit any type of swimming pool system. 

However, Just like the in-line chlorinators, this off-line chlorinator has its own disadvantages as well. These feeders are prone to air pockets build up in the chlorinator housing if air bubbles draw inside the feed line of the system. Furthermore, due to the intake for this system is set up ahead before the water flow stretches to the filter, the intake is prone to become blocked by dirt and debris. 

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