Push-Pull Valves

The push-pull valve is also known as a slide valve. There are several advantages of a push-pull valve. This type of valve is easy to use because it has a mere not too many parts. It is also easy to figure out and operate and is less restrictive to the flow of pool water, unlike any other valves.

Push-pull valves only movement of the operation is to either push the handle down or pull the handle up. Remember that the push-pull valve operates in filter mode when using a sand filter. The plunger is usually in the up position. You just need to push the handle down during backwash. Do not forget to shut off the pump before shifting and modifying the backwash valve. When using a DE filter, the plunger is usually in the down position during filter mode. Pull up the handle when doing backwash mode. When shifting mode using a push-pull valve, you are actually reversing the flow of pool water either in or out of the filter. This is to where they derive from the word backwash. This is by pushing the pool water backward through the filter to remove out the dirt that was trapped in the filter.

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