Rainwater in the Swimming Pool

We all know that no pool owners will want to have their pool overflowing with water from the rain. Why? Because it can greatly affect the swimming pool chemistry if left unattended especially with a flooded backyard. In this article, we will provide a few tips on how to drain water from the pool after heavy rain and also some of the few tips as well on how to prevent overflowing of the pool in the future.

It is really troublesome when the pool overflows. But still, it surely can be straightened out. All you have to do is to drain the excess water from the pool and then balance the swimming pool chemicals. Well, that is just the best case sequence of events. However, if you have very poor drainage in your lawn and you encounter a major overflow of pool water, that can be considered as the worst-case scenario. If that happens, you might be experiencing damages from the structures and landscapes. Most importantly from pool water contamination and other several issues that come with a flooded swimming pool ground. The cleanliness of the swimming pool water depends on its proper pool chemical balance. So once the pool water is contaminated with rainwater it becomes diluted and that the chemical balance is altered. The very first thing that you need to do is to make the pool water levels back to normal to immediately restore the pool chemistry level. Then quickly test your pool to check on the numbers on your chemicals and to balance it real quick before any disgusting insects may take over your pool like the creepy algae. You can either siphon it or if ever your pump has a drainage outlet it would be much easier than siphoning the excess water. However, if you felt like you have bigger issues and you felt like it will be difficult to be handled or resolved on your own, call a swimming pool service company.

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