Remote Water Monitoring System

Balancing the swimming pool chemistry as well as maintaining its crystal clean water is indeed not an easy job. As we all know, we can only reach this goal if we have the right pH balance, alkalinity, and calcium hardness. In order to stay away from dirty, acidic and dry swimming pool water, you should maintain the pH balance within 7.2 and 7.8 respectively. Not only that it should also be balanced and clean while the chlorine level should be 1-2 ppm (parts per million).

Thanks to the new innovation of technology, constant monitoring, and chemical imbalance are being taken care of nowadays if you switch to Remote monitoring system. Maintenance workers, as well as the owners, are taking some time for too much managing the pool. The hard works are now over and gone. These devices are floating on the surface of the swimming pool water. It can monitor and provide real-time testing for the pH level, alkalinity as well as chlorine levels all the other components that need to properly balance all the other chemicals needed to be measure respectively. Part of the added features is that you can actually monitor the pool chemical inventory as well as the real-time chemical level through an app. It can also track historical and long-term testing. It can also set up for chemical subscriptions as well as the automatic ordering of supplies. 

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