Removing Metal Stains in Pools

Metal stains in swimming pools are more complicated and are kind of difficult to deal with. Why? Because metal stains only react on a specific chemical. Unlike organic stains, it can be removed by simply applying chlorine. However, when it comes to metal stains, the chlorine will not have any reaction at all. Iron pool stains and Copper pool stains are the two common types of metal stains.

It is difficult to be certain on what type of metal stain you are dealing with just by mere looking at it. It is recommended to do some test first. It is either through the use of a swimming pool metal test kit or you can get a pool water sample to any pool store near you to conduct some testing. Iron-based pool stains can be removed by using Ascorbic acid. Copper-based stains can be removed by using Citric acid.

For very thorough and detailed steps in removing a pool stain, is to first, lower down your pH level to 7.2 and your chlorine level to 0.0 ppm. Then, eliminate excess metals. You can purchase a metal reduces to a pool store near you. After clearing, you may then add at least one pound of ascorbic acid or citric acid for every 10000 gallons. Of course, that would still be depending on the size of the pool. Then run the pool filter and let it circulate for an hour. if you are dealing with more excessive metal stains, just add more ascorbic acid or citric acid directly on the stained spot then let the pool filter circulate for 24 hrs. once the stains are clear, you may start putting your pool water chemistry back to its normal levels. 

Remember to lower down the pH and chlorine level to avoid dealing with more stains and worsen the issue. To make sure in everything you do with your pool, please contact a knowledgeable company like AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC.  For your inquiries, just click this link and fill out the needed information. We will be sure we get in touch with you the soonest!

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