Removing Nitrates in Pools

Nitrates may develop in pool water because of a lot of various aspects such as decomposition of plants, different types of water that are contaminated like well water, rainwater, groundwater and even human waste like urine and sweat. Keeping nitrate level within the range of 10 to 25 parts per million or less is the best for a well keep up the pool. Just like the other pool water chemicals, you can check the nitrate level of the pool water by using a test kit from your favorite pool store. Remember that once the nitrate level is above normal or is at a very high level, there is a huge possibility of algae to flourish.

To set up and check for nitrate level, all you have to do is to follow the instruction's on the test kit. Do not ignore and assume you do not have nitrate in the pool. Test the pool water regularly. Because if you don't, and found out that nitrate level is too high, there comes the bigger problem. Nitrates are difficult to remove. Unluckily, we do not have any chemical to use as of the moment to get rid of nitrate nor resolve the issue once and for all. 

The ultimate way to resolve a nitrate issue is to look for the main source of the problem first and get rid of it. Eliminate every source of nitrate in the surrounding area of the pool as much as possible. Adding more chlorine or shocking the pool will not resolve any. Nitrates will break down into pieces and turn into nitrites. but the problem will still continue because nitrites will be converted back to nitrates once the shock level turns back to normal. Drain the pool water and look for a water source that is free from nitrates then refill it. Test the pool water regularly and do not waste time to do something about it.

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