Risks to Pool Pump Motor

A pool pump motor is a mechanical device that is recommended to lift water from bottom to high level. Water will run through a suction pressure. These force will push the water to the system up to the impeller. Though most of the pump motors are built with durability and efficiency, there are still a lot of things to consider in taking care of the equipment.

High Temperature. A pool pump motor will stand in need of a clean, steadily flowing air. In most cases, a pump motor tends to get hotter while running for quite some time. That is why appropriate ventilation is important to avoid overheat.

Maintenance. Improper maintenance of any mechanical equipment may require proper treatment or maintenance. If not doing so, the machine will get damaged easily. The pool pump and motor should be functioning well together.

Weather. In case of a destructive weather condition that may include flooding and hurricanes, make sure to secure the pump motor. remove and store it in a dry, flat and safe place.

Installation. Incorrect installation may result in damage to equipment. Double-check and inspect all the line voltages and piping connections to make sure that the motor is properly installed.

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