Robotic Pool Cleaners

The robotic pool cleaners are very popular nowadays, due to their mechanic control and accomplishments. These units are independent. It can be programmed and operated via remote control. This type of cleaners is separated from the swimming pool's pump system and main filter. They are also powered by a separated power source, usually located on the pool deck with at least three meters away from the pool water. One factor of these cleaners is that they work as a backup filter because they have their own filtration system. They collected all the dirt and debris on its own stored cartridge included in the cleaner.

A robotic pool cleaner is kind of a bit more expensive compared to all of the other pool cleaners of the same type that is at the market. It is easy to use and it can capture any size of dirt and debris. It cleans very fast with its large filter. However, they vacuum, clean and scrub the swimming pool automatically as it maneuvers all over the pool surroundings. These machines have internal microchips that are pre-programmed to turn upside down or backward as well as to turn on and off. The chip will make the device adjust and make different activities whether it reaches the pool water surface or moving up cleaning the pool walls. These machines are controlled by a sensor that is usually situated in the bump bars. Once it reaches a wall, it automatically reverses its direction. So all you have to do is to plug them in and put them into the swimming pool water. They are assembled to perform the task that way. 

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