Salt Water Pool

Many of us thought that adding chlorine to the swimming pool water is the only method in keeping it clean and away from any bacteria. Now, swimming pool owners have several different choices. One of which is the most popular option nowadays. Saltwater. Saltwater is well-known for its low maintenance cost because it uses very few chemicals and is also good for the skin. A Saltwater pool does not mean the water is salty like the ocean. It means that the pool will use a different system called a salt-chlorine generator. This generator is responsible for converting salt into chlorine. 

Saltwater pool is called because as an alternative to adding chlorine, you add a high level of salt that would be enough for the salt chlorine generator to work and convert it to chlorine. This process will also make the pool water very smooth that is excellent for the skin. If you think that having saltwater would mean that your pool water would be very salty, thnk again! The taste of the saltwater pool is actually gentle and absolutely enjoyable. Why? Because the salt chlorinator in a swimming pool would range from 3000-4000 ppm. The salt taste of the pool water could be bad at around 5000 ppm.

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