How to Use a Suction-Side Pool Cleaner

Using new devices can be tricky sometimes. But one of the advantages of a suction-side pool cleaner is that they are easy to use and install. This device is also an exceptional cleaner. They are superb in capturing small to medium sizes of dirt and debris. These cleaners operate with the help of the swimming pools skimmer or suction line, using the main circulating system. Dirt and debris are captured and vacuumed directly through the swimming pools skimmer or pump baskets. Both the skimmer basket and pump basket should remove content properly and well monitored to avoid damage to the pump.

To start with, we must prepare for the swimming pool. Once the hose is assembled, make sure that the pump basket and skimmer basket are clean. Look for the return line fittings and switch them downwards. It is important to choose the proper fitting combination that best suits the skimmer. Submerge the hose completely and filled with swimming pool water. To make sure that there will be no air in the hose, keep it underwater while connecting the flow gauge. Thoroughly check and adjust for the proper flow of the pool water. To have the suction pool cleaner working properly, water flow should be well kept up at the correct level. It is essential to double-check that the valves controlling the suction lines are in the proper position. The valves are adjustable to give more suction to the skimmer as a substitute of the main drain or to provide more flow to the main drain by that, reducing suction to the skimmer.

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