Shock Treatment

We always wanted to make sure that the pool water we swim in is safe and clean. Shock treatment is the term used when you need to add greater than the usual quantity of oxidizing chemicals needed to swimming pool water. 

If you smell strong chlorine in a pool, it is not about someone just added too much chlorine in it. Opposite to what other people believe, it is rather a clue or a signal that you need to shock your pool to resolve the problem about the smell. By doing so, you need to add an additional dose to your regular amount of pool treatment. This treatment will demolish organic contaminants, algae, and bacteria.

To prevent losing chlorine due to the UV rays of the sun, it is advisable to do shocking your pool after the sun is down with the pump and filter working. After this treatment, it is advisable to at least wait after 20 mins to an hour, then you may add water balancing chemicals. Adding all these chemicals to your pool, it is safe to swim once the chlorine level of the pool is around 5ppm, or after the filter runs one full cycle. 

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