Significance of Hiring a Licensed Pool Service Company

Working with a licensed pool service company can assist you in saving more time and money. With their professional knowledge and expertise, they can construct or remodel your swimming pool right exactly what you have dreamed of. 

For commercial swimming pool care, it is ruled by the Department of Health. Before you can chemically treat and service a commercial pool in cleaning, the Department of Health requires all pool service company of commercial pools to secure a training certificate. This certificate is generally called a (CPO) certificate or Commercial Pool Operators certificate. This will allow the pool operators to tidy up and accumulate adding chemicals to the commercial swimming
pool. However, this type of certificate is different from a license. Commercial Pool Operators certificate does not allow to do any contraction. The certificate alone will not allow you to do plumbing nor equipment repairs and changes. Even renovations or any sort of remodeling is also not allowed. It is strictly for cleaning and adding chemicals to commercial pools only. 

For residential swimming pool care, any pool company that is a holder of an occupational tax can chemically treat and clean a residential pool. It does not actually require any state license. However, the pool company in accordance with the law, cannot do anything else to the swimming pool. Any plumbing, equipment repairs, equipment replacement as well as any remodeling or construction is strictly not allowed. Definitely, cleaning, and chemical treatment only. 

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