Stay Safe During Covid 19 Outbreak

Warm weather is now approaching and it is already about the right time for any swimming pool activities. When visiting recreational areas such as beaches, parks, and other swimming facilities, you must check first for specific details because the local authorities or the state will decide as to whether it can be open or closed. Here are some guidelines to stay safe when visiting any public areas. Always be ready before any visit.

Do not go into any of the busy and congested areas. Stay for at least six feet or more away from other people absolutely at all times.

Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds and more, most importantly before eating and after sneezing and blowing your nose.

Always bring at least 60% alcohol and or hand sanitizers for you to always have something to disinfect your hands from time to time if water and soap are not ready for use. 

Let us all be vigilant! Stay home. Stay safe! 


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