Sustaining Swimming Pool Water

Cover it:  Covering up the pool rigorously decreases the evaporation of water by up to 50%. In this way, it will be more cost-efficient. This will also dramatically decrease the need to add chemicals to the newly refiled water. This will also help you to maintain the water temperature of the pool.

Turn it down: Just decreasing the heater’s temperature by only a degree can reduce the evaporation of water from the pool and no one will even notice it because of the minimal change you made.

Check for Leaks: Annually this will cost you wasting 10,000 gallons of water. In some instances, leakage from a pool is a backbreaker to detect. One of the signs that you have a leakage is when water will start to gather around the side where there must be none. If you are still not sure if the pool is leaking, try placing a bucket of water inside the pool and mark both the water level inside the bucket and the level of water in the pool. After 24 hours try to check the marking that you have made if there is some change. 

The landscape for water preservation: Try installing a windbreaker to reduce the water loss because of the wind. Planting trees and shrubbery are also essentials for water conservation. If you’re planning to have grass in your living space, try getting the longer ones because it holds moisture in the soil better. 

Clean the pool filters: This is a must for all pool owners. This will reduce stress for the filtration system and helps it prolong the filtration system's capability that you have.

Plan lawn watering wisely: Watering your lawn in the morning will reduce water evaporation. Set your sprinklers to a lower pressure to avoid fine mist that evaporates faster. The best time to water is early in the morning or after the sun has already set. Setting a few adjustments towards lawn watering can be a huge difference on your way to a healthy and cost-efficient lawn.

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