Swim Fins

These swim fins are an addition to swimming accessories to be used on feet. It looks like flippers or fins. It is usually made of rubber, carbon fiber, and plastic or a mixture of these components made to support motion activity in water sports especially in swimming. Training with fins is not just about without a doubt swimming really fast, it is also excellent in developing swimming methods and performances.

The number one benefit of training with swim fin is that it enhanced more of your kick technique. The appropriate kick when swimming has limited and solid flutter that comes from the energy from the hips. It is better to do it precisely and fast rather than huge and strong. Remember that your toes must be pointed. This swimming technique will greatly improve the flexibility of your ankle. Having fins will add resistance to the water and at the same time, it will reinforce and strengthen proper kick strategy. In this way, beginners improved their swimming faster than without fins as it decreases shoulder stress.  

Swimming with fin will enhance proper body position by increasing speed as well as improving stroke techniques. The added struggle when kicking with fins builds more power and strength. Therefore, it grants you to have more work to accomplish in lesser time. Swimming is good for the heart and adding fins while swimming can lift up your heart rate faster in a short period of time. This will make your swimming routine more fun and exhilarating. 

Enjoy swimming!

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