Swimming Pool Finishes

Swimming Pool Finishes has a considerable share of innovation throughout the years. For the past two decades, the rapid changes in improvement in swimming pool technology have improved tremendously. This changes helped pool owners to have their pool safer, cleaner and easy to maintain.

Types of Pool Finishes:

Plaster Pool Finishes is the most common in concrete pool finishes. It is the cheapest option. It will make your pool classy and simple. However, plaster is rough to the touch because it is made with a mix of white cement, white sand, and water. It also accommodates algae easily, so it requires surface maintenance every week and acid washing every 3-5 years. Standard plaster shows trowel marks more easily than an aggregate finish.

Aggregate Pool Finishes is a mixture of pebbles, glass beads or quartz with the cement instead of sand. It is the second most expensive. Aggregate finishes are more resistant to pool chemical imbalances than other finishes and last much longer. Aggregate pool finish can be EXPOSED aggregate, in which the aggregate is exposed as a whole, giving a bumpy texture. While POLISHED aggregate is flat, giving a smooth finished texture.

Tile Pool Finishes is normally ceramic or glass tile. It is the most expensive type of pool finishes. It is said to be the longest-lasting due to its appearance and durability. Tiles are also easier to clean and require less maintenance. Glass tiles will also give you a shiny look in your pool once it catches the sun. It is heat and UV resistant as well as frost-proof. They’re high-quality, look lovely, and will last you for decades.

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