Swimming Pool Skimmer

Swimming is said to be one of the great ways to rejuvenate and exercise. Let’s talk about another way in keeping your commercial pool clean. It’s the swimming pool skimmer.

The main purpose of the swimming pool skimmer is to remove the top part dirt and pull the water into the system from the pool’s surface. What the pool skimmer does, is that it will capture all dirt, floating debris, dead insects and oil (sunblock) off of the surface of the pool. The pool water is sent through a pipe located at the bottom of the skimmer, through the filter pump. It will prevent the debris from going back into the swimming pool when the pool pump is turned off, and the weir floats into the closed position. This is very important because it will prevent floating debris from being pulled in by your pump and clogging up the filter.

Skimmer lid is used as a safety maintenance feature. Its main purpose is to keep off debris, pets, and even people from plunging into the skimmer. And that it also gives a point of access to the skimmer for your swimming pool.

Skimmer real door is also known as the flapper. It is the extended hanging part on the front of your skimmer. Its function is to prevent excessive debris from clogging and in preventing water from escaping the skimmer compartment once it enters.

Skimmer basket is often made out of hard plastic and has some sort of handle for easy use. It normally blocks large debris from entering the pipes to the filter. This holds a lot of debris especially if the pool is around a lot of foliage.

It is always advisable to check and empty your skimmer baskets or contact  AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC. For your inquiries, just click this link and fill out the needed information. We will be sure we get in touch with you the soonest!

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