Swimming Pool Stains

One of the most disturbing disadvantages of maintaining a swimming pool aside from chemistry levels is stains. We have identified from our previous article, Metal Compound in Pools that there are different types of a metal compound that may develop stains in swimming pool waters. 

To further resolve the issue, we must determine the source of what causes the problem first. There are two types of swimming pool stains. Organic and metal stains. Organic stains can be obtained from falling leaves and other organic wastes if left for some time into the pool water and pool surface. Metal stains, on the other hand, can be obtained unintentionally from the pool water once combined with pool chemicals or due to improper water chemistry. 

Once a certain stain is identified, it would be much easier to solve and treat the problem. If you suspected to have an organic stain, you may try to apply a small volume of chlorine directly on to the affected area. Organic stains can usually get rid of easily. While the best process to remove metal stains is to administer an ample amount of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C are usually construct in citrus fruits. This method will let you see if the stain is removed. 

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