Swimming Pool Tiles

Elegance is what inspired hotels and resorts owners in building tiled swimming pools. Most residential pool owners want to feel that as well. Tiling is considered as an excellent finish for swimming pools.

Swimming pool tiles are one of the most noticeable parts of a pool design. They are responsible for giving a stunning look in your pool. It's captivating and a wide range of possibilities for imaginative designs are only the beginning. You can choose from colors, shapes and the types of tiles to use that would fit your lifestyle. See Tile Replacement

There are 5 types of swimming pool tiles:

Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles
Porcelain tiles are soft to touch that is often acknowledged by swimmers. These type of tiles are easy to install and would only require minimal cleaning. 

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles
Mosaic tiles are the type that will add a more colorful look to your pool. They are often used at the bottom of your pool as well as the sides for a more stunning look. To properly clean this type of tiles, it is highly recommended that you drain your pool at least every two years to remove chemical build up, algae, and molds.

Glass Swimming Pool Tiles
Glass tiles are the type of tiles that will provide more depth to your pool. The biggest interest for this tile is that it can endure a lot of use. Installation though can be endless and tiresome.

Brick Swimming Pool Tiles
Brick tiles can be your basic red. It can make your pool more look like a fit for royalty. It comes with different colors as well. The installation will require you to always make sure that the brick tiles are sealed so that the water will not get through, that may cause damage.

Stone Swimming Pool Tiles
Stone tiles will give you the ambiance of similarly swimming in cool water like in a lake or pond. Just like brick tiles, stone tiles should also be sealed. So that the water does not penetrate and damage them. Installation for this type of tile will require techniques.

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