Swimming Pool Weekly Maintenance Tips

The key in keeping the swimming pool safe and sparkling clean, as well as for it to look inviting is to have someone maintain it for you and always make it ready to use anytime. This will also save and help you from causing any mistakes that might cost you a huge amount of money for repair or replacement along the way. Since having someone to maintain the pool for you, this will also prevent failure and will lessen the need to go and rush to the nearest swimming pool store for any chemicals needed. Comprehensive swimming pool care will guarantee safe and clean pool water all year round, especially during the summer season.
There are some essential ways to be included in the weekly routine for swimming pool maintenance. The first step and should also be done every day is skimming. Why? Because it is important to gather all the dirt and debris such as leaves and dead insects that are floating into the pool water. This will also reduce the risk of the dirt to reach the bottom of the pool or unwanted stains that are more difficult to remove. Brushing the pool is also important. This will clear the pool walls, slides and stairs that would prevent algae build-up. Once done, vacuuming the pool is the next right thing to do. All the residues from brushing can easily be captured by an automatic pool cleaner. Do not forget to check on the skimmer, remove debris then clean it. Check on the filter and backwash as often as needed depending on how often you use the pool as well. Because all of this device will work more efficient if well maintained. Take time to run the pump daily. This will improve the swimming pool water circulation system. Test the pool water and see if you need to add chemicals. These pool treatments may be needed daily or weekly depending on usage. 

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