Properly Taking Care of Swimming Pool Equipment

There are a few simple ways and steps that can be used to properly maintain a swimming pool and here are several things that can help you do it; First thing is to keep the right amount of water in the pool. When the water evaporates, especially during summertime you must make sure that it will be refilled right away to maintain the standard amount of water the swimming pool must have because If the water levels get too low, the pool equipment has to work harder than usual which put them to risk not to work properly, not only that, as a result, it can also make the pool chemicals out of balance. An automatic device can be installed in the pool to detect if the water levels reach lower than normal, paying close attention to the level of water and refilling with a hose when needed is very important. The water level must be checked at least once a week— especially if the pool is being used frequently. Knowing the basics about the swimming pool equipment is very important to make it last. Basic knowledge of how your equipment should sound (or not sound) or how it works, gives you the baseline and reference once the machine stops working properly. You should also know what kind of pool filter your pool has — sand, cartridge, or DE. Knowing what kind of filter your pool has makes you knowledgeable on when it has to be cleaned and back washed. Knowing to recognize the common signs that the filter isn’t working properly the way it should is as important as maintaining the pool water level. Another thing is to always make sure that the pool is operating at a particular pounds per square inch (PSI) because once it drops below, you must know how to address it promptly and properly, you can either fix it yourself or get in touch with a contractor. The pool pump must be run long enough to be able to circulate every gallon of water and it must be done at least once a day— this process is called “turnover.” You may ask a pool contractor to know how many hours it will take for your distinctive pool as well as your pool equipment to turn over the water effectively daily. Making time to keep up with testing of water chemistry, taking off or removing debris, vacuuming, and adding chemicals is all-important to keep your pool well maintained. It may take time but these tasks and procedures must be done regularly to avoid your pool filled with algae and dirt. And if you decided to hire a contractor to take charge of maintaining your pool. You must choose the “right” company as much as possible. Someone who is an expert with what they do.  

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