Tips on Hiring A Pool Service Provider

Every pool owner wants to find a good pool service provider they can trust. Here are Tips And Tricks on Hiring Pool Service Company.

  1. In getting good pool service provider you have to check to see if they are certified and insured. Choose an expert like Aqua Doc Pool Clinic who has expert technicians with all the required certification. Find out all about us. /about-us#associations
  2. Ask what type of pools that they have experience with. There are companies that cater to salt water pools, heated pools, large pools, small pools, in-ground pools and above ground pools.
  3. Find out if they service your pump and filters. There are many different types, including: Single Speed, Multi Speed, Variable Speed, Sand, Cartridge,.


Aqua Doc Pool Clinic a pool service where Technicians are trained and hold Certified Pool Operator accreditation This is to make sure we provide quality service. We are a member of the Florida Swimming Pool Association. Also, we participate in activities and seminars for training and development. Our company offers pool repairs, maintenance and renovations. And that’s why “We are The Pool Experts for All Your Needs”.

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