Total Dissolved Solids in Pool

Total dissolved solids are the portion of the total of all the elements dissolved in the swimming pool water. Anything that is added to the swimming pool water will increase the TDS. This includes chlorine, shock, pH increaser or reducer, algaecides and so on and so forth. Other swimming pool contaminants such as sweat from the bathers, makeup, lotion, perfumes and other substances from the bodies of the swimmers and even from the leaves that fall off to the pool, bird droppings, rain, etc. made a huge contribution in the changes of the TDS level.

You may use a TDS test meter or TDS test strips to check for the TDS level in the swimming pool. The ideal TDS level should be below 2000 ppm. If the level gets higher than the 2000 ppm, the chlorine will be affected and will lessen its effectiveness. This will cause metal rust and deterioration on the pool equipment as well as eye and skin irritation for bathers. If it gets very high, the chemicals that are added in the pool that contains sodium will give an unpleasant salty taste to the pool water too. To be sure and accurate in testing the level you may use TDS test meters instead of strips.

Just like the cyanuric acid in pools or the what we call stabilizers, once added to the pool it cannot be removed. The only way to reduce the TDS level on the pool water is to drain it and then refill it with fresh water. It depends on you whether you want to partially drain it or to completely remove the water from the pool, it will depend on the level of how high it has become.

There are several signs that the pool has a high TDS level. First is the constant problem with cloudy water. Noticeable stains and scale build-up on pool tiles and plaster. Having a hard time maintaining the chlorine level as well as a salty taste to the pool water. 

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