Type of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools come in different types, designs, sizes, shapes with various usage. There are a lot of things to consider prior to eventually decide what type of pool you need. Below are different types of pools:

  1. ABOVE-GROUND SWIMMING POOL – A swimming pool ground level, usually in the grounds of a private residence. Above-ground pools have often been the symbol of attainable pool ownership for the working or lower middle class

  2. ARCHITECTURAL SWIMMING POOL –  geometric, sophisticated, designed by an architect. The house and the pool is most likely built at the same time. The size of the lot and the layout go hand in hand with the planning of this type of pool.

  3. RECREATIONAL SWIMMING POOL –  They are inspired by multiple style with water features, elaborate slides, caves, tunnels, boulders and a general for-all-ages appeal.

  4. INDOOR SWIMMING POOL – A pool under a roof and insulated by at least three walls. Indoor pools are usually simple, geometric shapes and are built for the purpose of swimming or training.

  5. INFINITY POOL – infinity edge pools as it is often known, vanishing edge pools, negative edge, zero edge, or disappearing edge. They are custom-built and should be designed to highlight a view. An infinity pool gives one an illusion of a sheet of water dropping off over the edge of the property, like a waterfall. Definitely on the more expensive end of residential swimming pools.

  6. KIDDIE POOL – This is a small shallow area of water. Small children or adults can get their feet and lower bodies wet.

  7. LAP POOL – long and narrow pools usually in rectangular shape and built on long lots.

  8. NATURAL SWIMMING POOL – they are self-cleaning pools that combine swimming areas and water gardens. These pools are designed in a free form, rustic style with boulders and waterfalls, or can be modern or architectural — sleek and elegant.

  9. OLYMPIC-SIZE SWIMMING POOL – Olympic athletic competitions and swimming are the most widely followed Olympic sports in the world and also have the largest number of events and participants from different countries. It’s no surprise that aspiring Olympians and swimming fans get caught up in the big event. So much, that some who can and have the desire want an Olympic-size swimming pool built in their own backyard.

  10. PLUNGE SWIMMING POOL – a small, deep swimming pool, typically one filled with cold water and used to refresh or invigorate the body after a sauna.

  11. SALT WATER POOL -The chlorine generator (also known as salt cell, saltgenerator, salt chlorinator or SWG) uses electrolysis in the presence of dissolvedsalt (NaCl) to produce hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), which are the sanitizing agents already commonly used in swimming pools

  12. SPOOL -Blending the words spa and pool, you get a spool. Many people have downsized, and their smaller lots can’t accommodate a larger pool. A way to entertain and relax, using it more as a lukewarm-to-cool small pool in which to soak and cool off on hot days.

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