Types of a Pool Leak

Are you losing water from your pool? That must be because of a pool leak. You must take actions before it gets worse. In addition to our article on Why Is It Important To Detect Pool Leaks? we would like to inform you about the common three different types of pool leak.

Structural Damage
Swimming pool surfaces are vulnerable and exposed to cracks and tears. These types of surfaces are vinyl, gunite, and fiberglass. Pool owners and caretakers should be very vigilant in allowing any sharp objects into the pool including pool toys. These torn pieces can grow easily that may result in a much bigger problem. It may grant access to substances and dirt into the pool. Any loose connections on the railings and light niches can also cause minor leaks into the pool.

Mechanical Problems
The swimming pool pump has to stay dry. So any water leak on the floor and other surrounding areas may be evidence of pool leak.

Plumbing Problems
Swimming pool plumbing system is also one of the reasons in having a pool leak. PVC piping is susceptible to cracks or breaks in the tube. You may see excessive water in the surrounding area where your plumbing system is located. These cracks or break in the tube may cause dirt and other substances that may cause a much bigger problem for your swimming pool.  

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