Types of Chlorine

We have discussed a lot about chlorine such as What is Chlorine in Pools?, Chlorine Demand, Types of Chlorine Present in the Swimming Pool, Chlorine Reaction to Pool Water During Summer, and Chlorine Sanitation. Basically, chlorine plays a hugely significant role when it comes to swimming pool water. This is something we should not disregard. 

Of all the various chemicals to be used and added in a swimming pool, most of the folks that are new pool owners are quite confused. Chlorine is the first thing in mind to buy. Do you know that there are two types of chlorine? Yes! it is the stabilized and unstabilized chlorine.

Stabilized Chlorine. This type of chlorine has Cyanuric acid. It is also called as chlorine stabilizer or swimming pool stabilizer. This is perfect for outdoor pools because it blocks direct contact of the UV rays from the sun to avoid loosing too much chlorine that works on oxidizing contaminants in the pool. Having cyanuric acid will help you keep your chlorine in the pool water three times longer and more efficient in keeping the pool clean and safe to use. This will saves you more time and money.

Unstabilized Chlorine: This type of chlorine does not have cyanuric acid. It is defenseless when exposing to the sun's UV rays. The chlorine will automatically burn out of the pool water, decreasing its ability to sanitize. If you mistakenly use unstabilized chlorine in an outdoor pool, you have to add more and more chlorine. Meaning, you need to spend more money and time. This is perfect for an indoor pool or for Shock Treatment. Since it is advisable to shock the pool once the sun is down or at night. If unsure about what chlorine you buy, just check on the active ingredients. If it has Calcium Hypochlorite or simply Cal-Hypo, it’s unstabilized.

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