We have featured a wide variety of benefits in using CONCRETE OVERLAY for your pool deck. You can also customize your style and designs as well as colors. This flexible method can be done depending on the choices made by the pool owner, from colors and finishes. See Deck Replacement

STAMPED CONCRETE OVERLAY. This type of concrete overlay is a method of applying another layer of concrete to an existing one. It will give you the beauty of nature that looks like you have a natural stone installed. It can be like brick or even wood. The thickness may differ from the depth of the design that you prefer. It would range from 1/4 - 3/4 inch and can also be used for swimming pool coping and border.

SPRAY KNOCKDOWN FINISH. This type is one of the most well known and favorite of many when it comes to pool deck coating. The characteristic of the surface will absorb heat and let the pool deck stay cool. It is also known to be slip-resistant.

STAINED CONCRETE. This type of concrete overlay has another two types of concrete stains which are the: acid and water based. The Acid Stain concrete is for the natural stone look while the Water Stain concrete is good for colored and customized designs.

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