Types of Pool Alarms

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, there are approximately 300 drowning incidents that lead to deaths among children ages 5 years old below in the swimming pool every year. That is why swimming pool owners are investing and adding the most excellent pool alarms available in the market. Because every second count to save a life.

In this article, we compiled every little thing you must have knowledge of about swimming pool safety equipment that you should have and are currently out and in demand in the market right now. 

Threshold Pool Alarms. These types of pool alarms are for the borderlines of the swimming pool area. They will let you know if someone or anyone is entering the pool premises unnoticed. These pool alarms are installed anywhere that make an entrance to the swimming pool like opening the gate, sliding doors, and sliding windows.

Surface Pool Alarms. These types of pool alarms are floating on the surface of the swimming pool water. Anything that gets into the pool water and causes waves will be detected. It will then measure any of the instability of the pool water.

Subsurface Pool Alarms. These types of pool alarms are placed underneath the surface of the pool water. It will then monitor the wave from beneath the surface. These will make them give false alarms other than the Surface Pool Alarms.

Wearable Pool ALarms. These types of pool alarms are worn by the swimmer. It will generate a signal once it gets into the water for a dangerous amount of time. These are suitable for all swimmers to avoid unexpected drowning.

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