Types of Pool Enclosure

Swimming is considered to be one of the best exercises for the human body. This also promotes quality time for your family and loved ones. The surrounding areas, especially the types of pool screen enclosures are one of the focal points.

Here are the types of pool enclosures for you to choose from:

* 2 Story screen enclosures – There are things to consider to erect a beautiful and sturdy 2-story screen enclosure to the new Florida Building Code. These are a powerful K-Bracing, bigger diameter tapcons, gutter bracings and roof bracing. An enclosure that can withstand a storm and will keep you worry-free during this type of season. Screen enclosures are created 2 stories high with screened in walls and ceiling attached to the house. It will provide an openness to your pool area as well as enclose a top floor balcony if you have one. They are extremely beautiful and will complement your home perfectly.

* Attached screen enclosures – This type of pool enclosure is perfect for your patio or gazebo. This is designed to give you indoor and outdoor feel for relaxation. This type of enclosure of the pool is attached and following the roof line of the home. This is a place where the family would gather and share stories while enjoying their favorite drink, be it coffee during cold days or juice during sunny days.

* Stand-alone screen enclosures – A stand-alone enclosure is good for complementing adjoining surroundings. The construction will depend on a variety of factors such as the size, design, and materials to use. Enjoy your pool with bug-free, sweeping vistas and cool breezes comfort.

* Under -Truss screened enclosures – Under-truss enclosure is tied down to the roof tie-beam at the edge of the outer structure with hurricane straps to ensure the roof is in place. Some people refer to them as a screened in lanai. This type of enclosure most likely needs special landscaping. An enclosure like this will give life to an ordinary living room area and transform it into a breathable and relaxing place.

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