Chlorine is the most frequently used for fast, efficient and safe when it comes to water sanitation and disinfection. Not to mention that it is the cheapest method as well. We have discussed Shock Treatment and on Why Is Shocking A Pool Important?

Environmental waste such as the sweat from bathers, urine, the lotion and sunscreen that we used for swimming and all other sources around us that adds waste to the pool is a source of ammonia and nitrogen. When chlorine is combined with ammonia, it is no longer effective at all. And when combined with nitrogen, it will form a chloramine. Chloramine is causing chlorine odors and may cause irritation to the eyes and skin. When chlorine is combined with both, you will have cloudy water and smelly water that is due to too little chlorine. Not too much chlorine as what we all thought when we smell it.

These are the different types of pool shocking:

  • Regular Shocking. This is often used when the pool water is still clear but has some minimal dirt. This method is useful and possible if you only want to eliminate the dirt and to prevent chlorine demand.
  • Breakpoint Chlorination. This process is like an all or nothing process. This method is used if you wanted to eliminate nitrogen as well as the wastes in the pool. 
  • Chlorine Demand. This process is not just by shocking the pool but also to cure the chlorine demand. This method is by adding more chlorine to the pool without breaking it down.

All of these methods are effective if you know how to do it. It is strongly recommended to have the chlorine demand test first. Always best to seek assistance to a knowledgeable company like AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC.  For your inquiries, just click this link and fill out the needed information. We will be sure we get in touch with you the soonest! 

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