Types of Screen Enclosures

Pool owners spend time and money so you can have more of your time creating poolside memories with your family and friends while keeping the pool safer and open.

If you already thought about getting a pool screen enclosure, these are the best option of the types of the screen enclosure for you to choose from.

SUPERSCREENS. Super Screen has an 18% heavier construction than the older fiberglass screens as well as a tear strength that’s 200% stronger. It’s the best choice for the best value. It is built with quality and durability. It’s puncture resistant that can withstand playful pets or falling debris, tear resistance because it is made with top polyester core yarn with a PVC coating for superior performance and most importantly mildew, algae, and mold resistant because it has a biocide compound that makes it resistant to mildew that may retain it’s beauty for years and will remain safe to use. Sun damage resistant that retains its color and strength by eliminating bleaching flacking and fading.

PET SCREENS. Pet screen is the perfect choice for screen doors where pets are present. Manufactured from a woven polyester & PVC coated for UV protection this product gives up to 7 times the strength of standard flyscreen & will resist sharp claws. It is resistant to tears and damage caused by household pets. These types of screens are recommended for areas which are exposed to heavy wear and damage.

NO-SEE-UM SCREEN. This will protect your family during summer because it has a 20-20 size with a tightly woven screen pattern. It provides bug resistance called “No-see-ums” and still allows good ventilation. And because of these characteristics, this enclosure is ideal for large patio and pool enclosures.

SOLAR SCREEN. This can reduce the ultraviolet ray of the sun by 75%. This is what they call “Orchid screen”. It is healthy for your screen for it will refrain you from too much exposure to sunlight and direct UV rays. It provides cool breeze by the pool, manageable light and eliminates fading from carpets and upholstery.

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