Tired of your dull and damaged deck? We have featured a lot of types and patterns for pool paving, such as Concrete Pool Pavers, Travertine Pool Pavers, and Concrete Overlay. From the stained concrete overlay, we have another two types which are the acid-based stained concrete overlay and water-based stained concrete overlay

Water-Based stains usually have a variety of colors for you to choose from. It may be a mixture of colors to make it brighter or lighten to soften colors. You can achieve any shades of color with water-based stains. Need not to worry that the color may fade or change due to sun rays. Once applied properly to concrete, a water-based stain will not deteriorate or crack.

Acid-Based stains are normally with earth colors or natural colors only. With acid stain, you may rely on the color that may occur upon application. If you want a deeper or darker color, you need to apply multiple times. Since acids will have a chemical reaction on concrete, there is no guarantee that the color will be even. Most applicator intended to further explain the chemical reaction that may occur. They will set proper expectations that they may not get the desired color they want. Some may be ok with it, that it may seem like freestyle and unique to them. But some may not agree especially if they are very keen into details. 

These two are great options for your pool pavement. They are both durable. They will not crack and can stand UV rays. Therefore, it will not fade over time. See Deck Replacement

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